If we can’t help during times of great need, how can we say we will be there for people in their daily needs?

These facts, we know:

  1. The Opioid Crisis, alone, is a $500 Billion dollar problem.
  2. What is worse: The best suited providers are typically inaccessible to the patients who need them most.
  3. Less than 10% who need a physical therapist will eventually go and see one.
  4. Which means: Less consumers are able to be served in efforts of health promotion and injury prevention.
This may seem like a dooming effect in the rising costs of healthcare, as the burden continues to spread across small businesses and American households.
Still... BEYOND this looming threat, there is immediate crisis in the wake of natural disasters — affecting many of our regions, neighbors, friends, and family.


    The hurricanes of 2017 have caused over $150 billion in damages. The California fires of the same year, are projected to amount to $1 billion.


    In fact, for 2017, the United States has endured 15 disasters including: 2 floods, 1 freeze, 7 storms, 3 tropical cyclones, 1 drought, and an outbreak of wildfires — with state of emergency declarations totaling close to 140 for this year… emergencies that are very likely in your neighborhood or close to it.


    We invite you to join the Rebel Council and let your practice be known; not JUST your clinical practice — but, your practice of GENEROSITY and community service… that rehab therapists are a positive presence in a time of need — great, and small; critical, or daily; as neighbors, community members, regional influencers, and beyond.

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