Salary Negotiations and Job Market Masterclass


Did you know that every $1/hour you negotiate up equals an extra $2,080 pre-tax dollars per year for a 40 hour full time position? EVERY. DOLLAR. MATTERS! And, beyond the money — it matters even more so for developing professionals such as students and new grads where this first job opportunity essentially sets you up for success, OR anchors you for future low-ball offers.


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All too often, especially for students and new grads… and, honestly, even for seasoned professionals — people fall prey to low-ball, bullied offers where “no wiggle room” is given and the situation is said to be “non-negotiable.”

What do WE have to say about it? “That’s a bunch of Baloney.”

EVERYTHING is business is negotiable and make no mistake — healthcare IS a business. If you wish to successfully negotiate fair market wages, understand how to uniquely position yourself and communicate your value… if you want to hold fast with strong tools forged by industry insider perspectives — then this Masterclass is definitely for you.

After all: Think about the Return on Investment (ROI). If you were even to negotiate up one dollar in your next job situation, how many percentages would you be getting back, simply from learning from this Masterclass?

Joining our Masterclass means you’re joining a community of like-minded professionals who are tired of the status quo, tired of the lack of transparency, want to be paid fair wages for equitable work and value contribution. By joining, you will get access to our secret Facebook group where our coursework is held as well as regular Q&As to the ever evolving environment that is the physical therapy job market.

Additionally, you’ll have access to an optional one-on-one coaching series to your situation specific salary negotiations and job market position.

Your membership to this masterclass is unlimited — once you join, you’re in and there’s nothing else attached to it. No membership fee. No upkeep. No strings attached. We simply hope that by consistently engaging with colleagues experiencing similar situations that we can all drive each other towards excellent positions in the job market and fair market compensation to match.


After purchase, please email your preferred personal Facebook profile. We will be using a secret Facebook group for our masterclass coursework, live broadcasts, Q&A, etc. Thank you!

The most important reason why this Masterclass is crucial to your career: FREEDOM. Making upwards steps in the job market gives you freedom, flexibility, and a firm foundation to launch upward, outward, and beyond for your career and your life.

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