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Where Should You Be Spending Your Marketing Dollars?

The Proof Is In The Numbers.

Everything we do at UpDoc Media is data driven, and, the proof is in the "pudding" of numbers. Companies that leverage media driven content marketing enjoy enormous ROIs and brand synergy effects from top ranking SEO, to elevated sales cycles, to a scalable gain of a 15-30 new patient activations per site for clinic based operations.

Website Design

Due to the "noise" of too much content on social channels, consumers are now making their purchasing behaviors almost exclusively at the website phase of the customer conversion journey – making your website the anchor of online marketing.

Media Development

Consumer audiences pay attention to gripping content; delivered as emotionally driven stories, meaningful & relevant to THEM. This, is our specialty & the ROI is truly spectacular.

Lead Generation

We create content packages for you to integrate with automation systems, to be used as e-books, as webinar & workshop teasers, for e-mail or SMS marketing funnels, in blog rolls, and much more – all keeping to a brand standard, consistent with your media channels and website, where your audience becomes your customers.


Reception. Reactivation. Reviews. These three "Rs" are critical to the ecosystem approach to sustainable growth. By partnering with the UpDoc Media team, you will have access to leading edge consulting expertise as recognized by national organizations, influencer, and universities.

How Can We Help?

  • It Starts With Strategy

    We begin all partnerships with a free strategy session. Your success is our success. We feel strongly that our team approach should be well matched. Starting here, we want to make sure we are the right solution for you, for your team, and for your business goals.

  • Create A Strong Digital Foundation

    Beginning with your website, we apply world class user experience & content flow for precisely designed feature sets to drive quality traffic; setting you apart with elevated SEO & optimum purchasing behaviors.

  • Share Your Brand Story

    Would you rather have a couple thousand people see your weekly content? Or tens of thousands, into hundreds of thousands, make your brand story part of their own through a professionally crafted production series? Oh, yes! We have the numbers to back this up. More importantly, we also have the science as well.

  • Drive Traffic With Ads

    Once your brand story pieces based on customer victory stories are produced, we then have the power to supercharge your online presence through precision targeting using digital advertising platforms such as Google Adwords and social media outlets. The key, is in understanding the buyer persona and the psychology of sales for the mobile age.

  • Convert Traffic With Engaging Content

    No matter the tool or tactic, funnel or inbound channel… “Content is King.” We know content and we know how to produce it, custom to your brand as we’ve been building your digital footprint, together. At this stage, your media & marketing solution is as automated as it gets.

  • Create Management Systems

    We help you create cultures of efficiency; automating lean operations, optimizing the rest.

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Full Service Marketing Suite quarterly campaigns


  • We craft the campaigns, the content,
    and manage your ads
  • We handle all your digital channels
  • We do all the pre & post-production
  • Email marketing & landing pages included
  • The final production is 100% yours, we don’t repurpose – ever.
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Digital Ads & Consulting STARTING AT


  • No Hassle Ads Management
  • All Access Digital Consulting
  • Includes Business Development Strategy
  • Ideal for Entities in Startup & Growth Mode
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Search Engine Optimization 6 Month Commitment


  • Distinguish Yourself From Local Brands
  • Become Easily Discoverable and Found By Online Consumers
  • Great for Digital Ads Synergy
  • Top Ranking Consumer Search Returns
  • Website Audit Included
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