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At UpDoc Media, we got our start by creating “The Content You Need To Know, Delivered With Clinical Precision.” Since we launched, we’ve grown our content ecosystem to include success accelerators in business mentorship, career development, education, and more!

Pathfinders: Business & Career Mentorship

Start Strong. Move Up. Grow Wealth. Kill Debt. Give Back. Receive mentorship from industry leaders and join a community of driven, like-minded professionals.


Where Should You Spend Your Marketing Dollars?

Is it your website? Adwords? Facebook Ads? Should you be spending money on Email Marketing? What about Social Media?


How To Sell ANYTHING! [Webinar]

Do you know how to authentically connect with your audience in order to better help them make the right purchase?


Website & SEO

UpDoc Media proudly offers a detailed website and SEO audit which gives you specific metrics and action steps on how you can boost your website ranking, build your search engine relevancy to the precise audiences you wish to reach, and become more easily found by your ideal prospective customers.


The Physical Therapy Job Market Primer

The Physical Therapy Job Market Primer is a game changing success accelerator for soon to be graduating PTs/PTAs, New Grads, and even seasoned clinicians in the midst of a career change. The Primer covers topics such as: Understanding The Job Market, When/How/Where To Apply For Jobs, Building Your Resume, Nailing That Interview, Negotiating Your Salary, Making The Most Of Your 1st Year, and Personal Branding: A Micro-Primer.

So, if you're worried about how to best launch your career, pivot, or if you're staring at a low-ball offer β€” the Primer covers it all! Click on the button below, learn more, and listen in on some amazing success stories!

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